What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness offers a simple way of living in the present moment. It’s a way of paying attention that can be cultivated and practiced. Jon Kabat Zinn describes mindfulness as “a way to “give back your heart to yourself,” and in doing so, to live and love and work in ways that are inwardly and outwardly healing and transformative.”

There are formal mindfulness meditation practices and informal ones. Mindfulness meditation allows the mind to settle down when the body is brought to stillness and involves noticing the movement of the mind and body in whatever activity we’re doing. In both formal and informal practices, we learn to pay attention, non-judgmentally and compassionately, to whatever is arising in our experience.

Becoming more mindful encourages greater insight into conditioned thoughts and habits. When the grip of our histories and patterns is clearer, greater enjoyment in personal relationships and everyday activities becomes possible.

Mindfulness is an invitation to explore life with awareness and creativity.
Living mindfully becomes a “yes” to aliveness, joy, wholeness and freedom!

I offer mindfulness to my clients in the following ways:

Mindfulness and psychotherapy: A session in which talk therapy and a formal mindful meditation practice are combined as a fresh way of working with thoughts and emotions. Meditation is utilized as a way of deepening the therapeutic process.This session is offered as either an individual or a couple’s session.

Mindful Meditation training. Formal and Informal practices:  Cultivate your own meditation practice.